David Andrews's Book - Diabetes Destroyer - Does it work or Scam ? Program PDF Download

David Andrews's Book - Diabetes Destroyer - Does it work or Scam ? Program PDF Download


- Diabetes is currently at war with the world, the number of people with diabetes continues to rise each year, in pain and bankruptcies experienced by the population that is in the earth caused by diabetes is increasingly becoming a real threat. One of them was Camilla Rossil diabetics, 35 years old, she was sentenced to suffer from Type 1 diabetes since the age of four years which makes it must rely on insulin for life.

Camilla once said, "I love my life. Despite all the challenges to be overcome, I think my life is amazing and I intend to live up to 105 years old, "he continued with a laugh. Spirit and a positive outlook on life is certainly not Camilla get easily. Obstacles and steep streets into Camilla meal everyday. However, Camilla did not give up. A Social Educator these children admitted had suffered hard times, especially when the young soul churned.

"At that time I was bored with the routine use of insulin and measure blood sugar levels. I want to live a normal life like my friends, "said Camilla. Camilla is currently 15 years old, he never went to a school graduation party to get drunk when I got home from there he felt severe pain to vomiting for three days in a row. Camilla even once during a year of total blindness. Until now, Camilla Rossil have undergone eye surgery six times. Camilla life started to change since six years ago, when she started using an insulin pump and facilitate a more practical day-to-day activities of Camilla.

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The story of Camilla Rossil certainly give a positive inspiration for many patients who suffer from diabetes should not be surrendered to the illness. In recent years, the world is being "attacked" by diabetics. Based on estimates of the International Diabetes Federation in 2013, as many as 382 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes. If it is not immediately anticipated, that number will increase to 592 million people by 2035. "That means 55% of the world's population suffer from diabetes," said IDF President, David Andrews Hirst.
Meanwhile, the world's population at risk of diabetes is now considered around 316 million people. In fact, a person to develop diabetes takes 8 to 12 years. "So, early diagnosis signs of pre-diabetes should be intensified in order not to become diabetic," said David Andrews. Diabetes is divided into two, namely type 1, where the insulin production is absolutely no or virtually zero --> :link Diabetes Destroyer Book https://programreviewscam.wordpress.com/2015/08/19/david-andrewss-diabetes-destroyer-review-book-pdf-download/. This type of diabetes must essentially relied on insulin from outside the body for life. and usually suffered at a young age, ie under 18 years old. While type 2 insulin resistance, in which the amount of insulin is relatively quite, but it can not work well because the receptor is damaged. Approximately 90% of diabetes suffer from this type of diabetes.

Half of the patients -which kebanyakan- living in the poor and developing countries do not know they have contracted diabetes so it does not get a good handling and treatment. In addition, many people with diabetes who are still young and productive age have diabetes. In 2013, diabetes will lead to cost at least USD 548.5 on expenditure in the health sector on a global scale, "said David Andrews again.

How to avoid diabetes:

1. Regular exercise


Exercise can help increase your body's sensitivity to insulin, which can help keep blood sugar levels within a normal range.
Diabetes Destroyer Scam
2. Eat lots of fiber


Fibrous foods not only reduces the risk of diabetes by improving blood sugar control, also can reduce the risk of heart disease and maintain a healthy weight. Diabetes Destroyer David Andrews

3. Consumption of nuts and seeds


grains are believed to reduce the risk of diabetes and, helps maintain blood sugar levels.

4. Lose weight

How to-Reduce-Body-Weight

Approximately 80% of diabetics suffer from obesity and overweight. Each kilogram of weight loss can improve your health.

5. Reduce consumption of sugar


Sugar consumption is not associated with the development of diabetes type 2. However, after adjusting for body weight and others, it seems there is a relationship between drinking sugar-laden beverages and the development of type 2 diabetes.

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